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Mini Fish Bean Curd / 迷你腐竹
Mini Fish Bean Curd / 迷你腐竹

Mini Fish Bean Curd / 迷你腐竹

  • 120g

Mini Fish Bean Curd

“Family friendly ingredient”

The Mini Fish Bean Curd (‘fucuk mini’, 迷你腐竹) has tasty fish paste stuffed in the crunchy bean curd skin. 

One of the most prominent bean curd choices as an add-on onto your seafood dishes.

Loved by kids and adults.

> Halal Certified

Source: Local
Taste: Pleasant . Bold
Texture: Soft . Medium . Firm


Fried Mini Fish Bean Curd

Jumbo Fish Bean Curd - Picture of Guxiang Malaysian Restaurent, Auckland  Central - Tripadvisor

👨‍🍳👍: Fry, Boil
🍽: 100g – 300g /pax


Nutritional Facts (per 100g)


562.5 kcal


12.5 g


50 g


2 g


*NO customised cutting available.

*Whole fish:
There will be a reduce in gross weight by 10% - 20% after processing.

There may be a reduce in gross weight by 3% - 5% after processing, unless otherwise stated.

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