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Dory Fish Fillet | 多利鱼肉 (起肉)
Dory Fish Fillet | 多利鱼肉 (起肉)

Dory Fish Fillet | 多利鱼肉 (起肉)

RM9.60 MYR
  • 700g
  • 800g
  • 900g
  • 1.0kg
  • 1.1kg



NO customised cutting available / 恕不接受任何客制化切割

After scaling and gutting, there will be a reduce in gross weight by 10% - 20%

去鳞取内脏后,海鲜的重量会减少10% - 20%

  • Scaled, Gutted and Vacuum Packed Individually 去鳞, 取内脏和真空包装
  • Flash Frozen to preserve the quality of Seafood 速冻以保存良好品质
  • Recommended to consume within 2 weeks 建议两个星期内食用
  • FREE Delivery for order above RM200 at Klang Valley area.
  • RM15 delivery charges for orders below RM200 at Selangor & Kuala Lumpur area. 
  • RM35 delivery charges for Outstation orders. 
Size 700g, 800g, 900g, 1.0kg, 1.1kg

Product vendor

Sea Fresh (No: SA0452080-A)