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Channel News Asia Article

To bring in modern solutions for traditional industries, Mr Lim said young entrepreneurs need to invest time in learning about the trade. “What we are doing is built upon an old industry. We can come up with new ideas for it, but the traditional ways remain a reality. Without understanding and working with the people already in the industry, there is no avenue for new innovation to come in.”

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Malay Mail News Article

Seafood e-retail platform Sea Fresh, was one of the earliest users of Facebook Live to auction fish directly to customers. “We learned that customers prioritize the freshness of the fish, the convenience and not having to enter a wet market to purchase it."


Nan Yang News Article

Sea Fresh delivering freshest seafood from fishermen to household. We've disrupted the traditional industry and will continue to disrupt further bringing further innovation into the fishing and agriculture industry. Lastly, the journey of entrepreneurship had been both rewarding and transforming. We urge more and more youngsters or business owners to dive deep into traditional businesses especially agriculture and fishery as our country are rich in natural resources.

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The Interview 访问 News Article

Sea Fresh 尝试多种直播方式,除了开放竞标,有时也让顾客直接留言下单。特别的是,有别于海鲜拍卖直播通常是以华语或方言为主,他们也以英文为媒介语,吸引了大批雪隆区的粉丝。 他们希望通过网络直播,能打响品牌知名度,至于赚钱与否倒是其次,“面子书直播可以一次过让所有追踪你的粉丝页面,或是没有追踪页面的人,都能发现到你。”