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About Us

Sea Fresh - The Freshest Seafood In Malaysia

We live by the motto of convenience and quality guaranteed so that our customer may consume with a peace of mind.

Sea Fresh collects seafood directly from fishermen. Our work includes processing the seafood, vacuum pack and flash freezing. With this technique, all seafood are taken care with love down to the little details ensuring that our customer will always receive the freshest seafood.

It is also in our service to deliver the seafood taken care with love to your doorstep. Nowadays, customers can purchase fresh seafood all the way from Kuala Selangor, Sekinchan and Sekinchan with a click of a button. We will then start the process of collecting, processing and delivery to your door step. How simple is that?

If you ever drop by Kuala Selangor, feel free to drop by our retail shop. Find us on google map by simply typing down Sea Fresh Fish Market.

Sea Fresh-全马最新鮮的海鮮


 Sea Fresh是直接從漁夫第一手捕获海鮮那里直接到我们公司。我们SeaFresh的工作包括于清洗海鲜,真空包裝以及急速冷凍,我们的原则是確保客戶所收到的是最新鮮最优质的海鮮。


如果您来到瓜拉雪蘭莪(Kuala Selangor),欢迎您前往我们Sea Fresh海鲜店。只需在您的GPS上輸入Sea Fresh Fish Market,即可在Google Map上找到我們。


Contact Us:

Email: seafreshdaily@gmail.com
Phone: +6018 - 9588 018