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Homemade Nyonya Sauce / 娘惹酱
Homemade Nyonya Sauce / 娘惹酱

Homemade Nyonya Sauce / 娘惹酱

RM12.00 MYR
  • 300g



Homemade Nyonya Sauce. No Preservatives and Colouring

Convenient and Healthy. We only choose freshest ingredients and spices.


*** NOTE :-

1. One Bottle suitable for fish around 1.0kg to 1.2kg. Recommended for squids and also prawns as well. 一罐酱适合于烹饪一条大约1.0kg to 1.2kg 的鱼。也可以加沙东和虾。

2. Do not add in ingredients like tomato and onions as it will hinder the taste. The sauce itself already consist of the following items. 记得不要加番茄或葱。这会影响酱料的品质。

How to Cook 如何食用 :-

1. Marinate the Fish with some salt. 用一些盐来腌制你的鱼。

2. Steam the fish for about 10-12minutes (Depending on the size of seafood) and the sauce as well in a seperate bowl. Recommended to add in lady finger (Okra). 清蒸你的鱼,大概 10至12分钟 (按照鱼的大小为准)和娘惹酱(分开放).建议加入羊角豆。

3. Pour off excess liquid that has been collected on the steaming plate. 把多余出来的水分倒掉。

4. Pour the nyonya sauce over the fish and serve at once. 把娘惹酱倒在鱼上就可以马上吃了。

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Product type

Sauce & Paste

Product vendor

Sea Fresh (No: SA0452080-A)

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