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Catch Of The Day BOX
Catch Of The Day BOX
Catch Of The Day BOX
Catch Of The Day BOX

Catch Of The Day BOX


"Catch of the day" is a box loaded with seafood for you and your family!

For all the sets we will provide a combination of seafood like fish, prawn, squid and other type of seafood chosen depending on what we've caught during the day.

Each package will have a mix of at least 4 to 7 type of fishes.

* Pictures shown are just examples *

Kindly place a remark for any seafood if you have any preferences.

All prices listed are estimates as the size of seafood varies. Hence, we at Sea Fresh will always provide our seafood to match the value bought.

Fresh seafood from Kuala Selangor. Sea fresh provides the freshest seafood straight from fishermen and we deliver them to your doorstep.

All seafood recorded weight is the weight before processing. Hence, all seafood will be subjected to weight loss due to loss of internal organs and scales. For fish, 15 - 20% of total body weight will be reduced as a result."

"Catch of the day" 是我们最新的一系列新鲜海鲜。满载而归的新鲜捕获海鲜给您!



请提示您可能想要或不想要的任何海鲜在 Remark。

列出的所有价格都是海鲜大小不同的估计值。因此,我们Sea Fresh将始终提供与我们购买的价值相匹配的海鲜。

来自瓜拉雪兰莪的新鲜海鲜。 Sea fresh 直接从渔民提供最新鲜的海鲜到您的门口。

We live by the motto of convenience and quality guaranteed so that our customer may consume with a peace of mind.


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