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Fish Maw (Fried) / 鱼漂 (炸)
Fish Maw (Fried) / 鱼漂 (炸)
Fish Maw (Fried) / 鱼漂 (炸)
Fish Maw (Fried) / 鱼漂 (炸)

Fish Maw (Fried) / 鱼漂 (炸)

  • 50g

What’s the difference between fried and non fried fish maw in terms of cooking/preparation?

The non-fried fish maw is hard and dry, whereas the fried one is all puffy and light. We recommend you to buy our fried fish maw because it's more convenient. Before cooking, just pre-soak the fried fish maw in water for around 30minutes to an hour and it's ready to cook. You can stir-fry, steam or cook soup with it.

For the non-fried Fish Maw, you will need to fry them either by deep-frying with oil or by using air fryer or oven. Deep frying will bring out the most flavor but do kindly note that fish maw tends to splatter during deep frying so do be careful when handling it.

  • Taken from Large Fish like golden snapper, Grouper etc.
  • Deep fried by head chief. Best compliment with soup or frying vegetable. 
  • 鱼漂来自大条的鱼类,比如说大红皂鱼,大石斑鱼等等。
  • 已炸过的,可以直接放入汤底来煮或拿来炒菜也可以。
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