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With Sea Fresh now you can enjoy your fresh groceries shopping with more rewarding experience. Before we proceed to earn points you must first 'Create an Account' and login to your very own account. Once you have an account we are good to proceed with the instruction guide below about "How to earn Fresh Points?"


Let's begin with "How to earn Fresh Points : 

Click on the video below for step by step guide tutorial.


Step 1 : Tab/ Click on the “Rewards” button at the home page.

Step 2 : Select the “Earn Points” tab on the right side.

Step 3 : Select anyone of the action available for your to earn points (For example you can earn points by completing an action such as “Create account”, ”Complete Profile”, “Follow Us At Facebook” or “Instagram”, or even “Place an Order” and many more to come.) The video shows an example of how you can earn points by “Completing Profile”.

Step 4 : Once you have completed the action, back to the Home Page and tab / click on the Refresh button. You will receive a Pop Up notification of “You have received Points!” Or you may check you email inbox, you should be receiving a newsletter on successful points received.


Congratulation you are ready to Earn Fresh Points with us now!

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